Riana van Niekerk

18 Jun 1976 - † 13 Feb 2016

Riana was to most an inspiring athlete. She was, amongst others, four times a Comrades Gold medallist, six times winner of the Om die Dam Marathon and three times winner of the Two Oceans. Riana was a committed, hardworking ultra-distance athlete who ran every race to win. Her determination and drive was evident in her performances. Yet, she remained humble, and a person with immense integrity.

Meet the organizing team

Francois Sieberhagen - Bible Society of South Africa
Wynand Meiring - Main Organizer (Founding Member)
Francois Schoombee - Marketing and Sponsorships
Joanne Bezuidenhout - Marshalls and Vendors
Wietske White - (Pre-Registrations and Administration)

Fanie Venter - Providing core work force from KSM
Elize van Eeden - Main Organizer (Founder Member)
Charné Bosman - Friend of the RvN RW4B
Allie van Niekerk - Race Photographer (Husband of the late Riana van Niekerk)
Teodor van der Spuy - Marshall since the race started in 2016

Did you know?

Currently the shortage per Bible is R 50. This means that in practice, each Bible that is distributed by the Bible Society is done so at a loss of R 50 per Bible. This includes the manufacturing and delivery costs. The outreach Bible currently costs R 55 and the standard Bible R 95. Each person that contributes towards this cause, ensures that the Bible Society recover the loss and enables the possibility for Bibles to still be affordable and available for distribution.

Het jy geweet?

Tans is die tekort per Bybel R 50. Dit beteken in praktyk dat elke Bybel wat deur die Bybelgenootskap versprei word, versprei word teen ʼn verlies van R 50 per Bybel. Hierdie koste is alles insluitend. Die Uitreikbybel kos tans R 55 en die Standaardbybel R 95. Elke persoon wat bydrae, help dus om seker te maak dat die Bybelgenootskap baie van die verlies kan verwerk en Bybels steeds bekostigbaar beskikbaar kan stel vir verspreiding.

Who is the Bible Society of South Africa

The vision of the Bible Society of South Africa is a Bible for everyone.

For this reason the Bible Society works hard to provide affordable Bibles for everyone in their own language and in a format of their choice so that all can experience the life-giving message of the Word.

The Bible Society of South Africa has been supplying Bibles to South Africans since 1820 and thanks to its translation projects the Bible is today available in all 11 of our country's official languages.

Bible translation around the world

Last year was a record year for Bible translation. In 2016, Bible Societies throughout the world were involved in completing translations in 104 languages.

The complete Bible is now available in 648 languages, the New Testament in 1432 and at least one book of the Bible is available in a further 1145 languages. However, there are still about 3665 languages spoken by 253 million people who still have no part of the Bible in their heart language at all.

Literacy project

The Bible Society’s literacy project aims to promote basic literacy, as well as Bible literacy, among all age groups through Bible-based literacy material.

Thousands of children in poor areas are not exposed to literacy in the same way as privileged children and they often start their school careers at a disadvantage.

The two booklets, My first Bible Do and Learn Book and My 2nd Bible Do and Learn Book are available in English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sesotho en Sepedi and work is also underway to develop the series in the other languages.

In total more than 174 563 000 children and adults received these Bible-based literacy books.

Bibles for grade 7s

The Bibles for grade 7s project aims to make Bibles available free of charge to Grade 7 learners in schools in the poorest parts of our country. There are more than 25 000 government schools in South Africa ̶̶̶̶̶ 22 938 of these do not have stocked libraries, while 19 541 do not even have a space for a library.

Grade 7 learners can read with understanding. They are at the start of their teenage years and are especially impressionable. The Bible message can help to establish a value system which will assist them in making the right choices.

In 2016 some 32 249 Grade 7s in schools in poor areas received a Bible.

Main organizer

personElize van Eeden