Rules & General Information

All Athletes
  • All athletes must be amateurs as defined under Athletics South Africa rules, and not be under the stipulated ages as indicated.
  • All entrants will participate under the rules of AGN and ASA and it is the athlete's responsibility to be familiar with the rules.
  • Age restrictions:
    • Minimum age of 10 years on the day of the race for 10 km
    • Minimum age of 16 years on the day of the race for 21.1 km
  • Marshals and Traffic Officers must be obeyed at all times – failure to comply with their instructions may lead to immediate disqualification.
  • No seconding will be allowed.
  • Sufficient refreshment stations will be available.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is medically fit and healthy to participate in any of the events.
  • The race committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.
  • Proof of age must be produced if requested by the race referee.
  • No iPods or any other audio devices are allowed. (IAAF & ASA Ruling).
  • Free entry for wheelchair and blind athletes
  • No animals allowed.
  • Medical support will be present on race day.
Licensed Athletes
  • All entrants must be in possession of a valid 2016 license number.
  • Athletes must wear BOTH the official race number on front and the 2016 ASA license number on the back of the running vest.
  • Athletes competing for category prizes MUST wear official age category ID tags on the front and back of the running vest.
  • Walkers competing for prize money must wear WALKER/W tags on the front and back of their vest.
  • Foreign athletes must comply with IAAF Rule 4 paragraph 2 regarding the handing over of their permits to the Race Organisers.
Unlicensed Atheletes
  • All unlicensed athletes participating in the 21.1 km and 10km events must purchase a temporary license number
  • The temporary license must be worn on the back of the running vest and the race number on the front.
  • Entry fee is not refundable.
  • Please do not discard water sachets/cups in gardens or drains. Please drop them in the bins provided or directly on the road.
  • Toilets will be available at every water point.
  • Race results will be published within five working days at and

Prize Money & Medals

CATEGORY 21.1 km 10 km
1st Open R 300 R 150
2nd Open R 200 R 100
3rd Open R 150 R 75
1st Veteran R 150 R 75
1st Master R 150 R 75
1st G. Master R 150 R 75
1st GG. Master R 150 R 75
80+ R 150 R 75
1st Junior R 150 R 75

info_outlineEqual for ladies / gents & runners / walkers

Cash prizes will be awarded by the organisers and additional vouchers to each winner issued as awards by Sportsman Warehouse.

Medals to all participants

Sponsored by the Bible Society of South Africa

Important details

info_outlineFood and Beverages will be available
info_outlineT-shirts for Bibles will be on sale
info_outlineTogbag area available
info_outlineParking will be available on the B-Field of the School and at Lewende Woord, entrance directions from Witstinkhout Street
info_outlineRestricted area for Club Gazebos allocated some distance from finish line.
warningParticipation at own risk. The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injuries.